Avis de Recrutement URGENT D'UN FORMATEUR

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parlant parfaitement l'anglais résidant à Kribi pour animer une formation en anglais sur les aspects financiers des Partenariats Publics Privés (PPP)

Durée de la formation du 24 au 28 octobre 2016

Formateur maitrisant les PPP et susceptible de donner cette formation en anglais.

Theme: "financial modeling for PPP projects"


  • To assist investment professionals and financial analysts to fully understand the practical techniques, skills, and spreadsheet models needed to analyze, structure, negotiate, and ultimately complete successful project-backed financings.
  • Participants in this program will learn how to design and structure project financing models, how to review and critique project financing models, as well as how to strengthen the structure and how to negotiate infrastructure project financings. How to analyze best practices in conducting financial, economic, and technical feasibility studies;
  • Analyze case study experiences in structuring bankable PPP deals;- Evaluate risk identification, mitigation, and allocation among parties involved in a PPP project


Contact: gmeguhe@yahoo.fr ; yboumsong@yahoo.fr ; kdalleba@icp-marchespblics.com; abouabre@icp-marchespblics.com + 237 677790425 / +223 77 77 78 78