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The World Wide Fund for Nature, the Global Conservation Organization, through its office in DRC and Cameroon is seeking to recruit a consultant to undertake a brand survey (herein after referred to as “Survey”) as part of its Communication, Marketing and Partnerships strategizing process to determine its perceived effectiveness amongst the mass public in delivering on its strategic objectives and associated conservation impact.

Scope of Work:
In line with the objectives of the above-mentioned Survey, the main tasks of the consultant shall be as follows:
  1. Consult and provide a comparative brand analysis of other conservation organizations similar to WWF in DRC and Cameroon.
  2. Develop fieldwork guidelines and field questionnaire (that will be reviewed and approved by WWF) to conduct the Survey in DRC and Cameroon.
  3. Work together with the WWF DRC and CCPO Brand Team and WWF International Brand team to guide adopting the materials in (2) above;
  4. Conduct the Survey in DRC and Cameroon.
The methodology should include the following stages: 
  1. A desk review of the available secondary data, especially while conducting a comparative analysis of the WWF brand;
  2. Key informant interviews with relevant government, private sector and I/NGO staff; 
  3. Primary data collection (predominantly qualitative however supported with reasonable and sample based quantitative information), using fieldwork guidelines and field questionnaires provided by WWF;
  4. Audience analysis and mapping (audiences can be the general public, organizations, community groups, government departments, CSO networks or individuals with an analysis of what their perception of WWF is);
  5. Feedback and discussions in consultation workshops.
The selected consultant/s will be expected to develop detailed methodology in agreement with WWF DRC and WWF-CCPO.
Deliverables must clearly contribute to the attainment of the afore-mentioned Survey objectives and include in particular:
  1. An in-depth brand analysis, which recommends a set of key areas to be pursued with target audiences at the local (program area), regional and national levels.
  2. A branding implementation plan comprising the principal activities to grow the WWF brand for enhanced marketing, building partnerships, and raising awareness of the brand.
  3. Reports and minutes of preparatory meetings and training workshops.
  4. A final report presenting the principal stages of the process, the work done, the lessons learnt as well as recommendation towards future replication of the approach.
  5. A PowerPoint presentation to WWF DRC Senior Management Team (SMT), WWF-CCPO and a WWF International / ROA on deliverables 1 – 4 above.
Objective of the Survey:
The aim is to have a better understanding of the level of public perception of performance and awareness of the WWF brand in different places where WWF works in DRC and Cameroon.  It is expected that the results of this survey will inform how WWF communicates with key audiences, develops marketing and partnership initiatives, and delivers transformational conservation and development at a scale that matter.
The Survey will also inform the operationalisation of Country Strategic Plans through planning of various activities. As such, the Survey will be expected to contribute directly to the attainment of the following objectives: 
  1. Provide a clear picture of the health of the WWF brand in DRC and Cameroon amongst the mass public
  2. Support in the formulation of sustainable  Communication, marketing and partnership strategies that are resilient at the sectoral and multi-sectoral levels;
  3. Support in the development of the Communication Strategy for WWF – DRC and WWF-CCPO (Cameroon) for more effective partnerships development, enhanced brand awareness and greater impact on conservation of the country’s rich natural resources and livelihoods improvement;
  4. Support in awareness-raising and outreach activities to the broader public, while providing a basis for advocacy activities directed at key development actors;
  5. Provide an understanding on the need to engage with various target groups as well as tactics to achieve optimal engagement.
Required Qualifications, Skills and Competencies
The Consultant or consultancy firm (with the lead consultant taking full responsibility for the work and delivery of products) should:
  1. Hold a master’s degree or above in Communications, Public Relations, Media Relations and organizational development or other related fields;
  2. At least 10 years’ experience in development of communication or branding strategies and or similar products.
  3.  Possess strong working knowledge of international development, NGO sector, government institutions;
  4. Understand of the conservation environment in DRC and in Cameroon
  5. A good understanding of the realities of public relations and communications for promoting conservation issues;
  6. Proven experience in strategic planning and organizational development;
  7. Demonstrated analytical and research skills.
  8. Adhere to WWF’s values, which are: Knowledgeable, Optimistic, Determined, and Engaging.
Requirements for submission
  1. A technical proposal detailing the Methodology and work plan to be followed to perform the task
  2. Financial proposal detailing your professional fees (State if tax inclusive)
  3. Demonstrate your capacity to undertake the task and provide reference as appropriate.
  4. Curriculum Vitae of lead person(s) to perform the task.
  5. Support documentation e.g. registration, tax registration certificates.
  6. Any other information   that may be useful for reference may be cited and later provided if requested.
This activity should be conducted and completed within a period of 8 weeks (40 working days) from the date of signing the contract with WWF DRC and WWF-CCPO.

How to apply?

Interested and qualified firms or individuals should submit both Technical and Financial proposals in sealed envelopes to the undersigned.
Applications should be addressed to:
The People Organization Development Director, WWF – RoA (Yaoundé Hub)
6776, Rue la Citronnelle,
Concession BAT
Bastos, Cameroon
Deadline for submission is 12 February, 2017.
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