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Eligible Applicants

This position is advertised open to internal and external applicants. Procedures and Eligibility Interested applicants should consult the Administrative Instruction on Recruitment and Assignment of Locally Recruited Staff (RALS). Applicants must be nationals of, and be locally recruited within the country of their employment. Detailed Job Description Overall Purpose and Scope of Assignment: This position will be administered by UNHCR Cameroon, accountable to the UNHCR Representative and WFP Country Director, under the direct supervision of the UNHCR Cameroon SO Maroua Head of Office and in close collaboration with of the Hub Joint Country Coordinator and the technical oversight of UNHCR Cameroon Country Office and WFP Cameroon Country Office, and supported by a multi sectoral joint UNHCR ¿ WFP ¿ Joint Hub team (for Roles & Responsibilities see Joint Assessment Mission for Nigerian refugees ToR).

The Consultant will be responsible for coordinating and executing the JAM exercise for Nigerian refugees. S/he will be responsible for the following activities:

Phase 1: Preparatory work ¿ Conduct a secondary data review and analysis based on the existing quantitative and qualitative information and reports including UNHCR Participatory Assessments, access to basic needs and nutrition assessments, previous joint assessments and joint plans of action. ¿ Summarize the actions taken following the recommendations of previous assessments including noting the differences between what was recommended and what was done. ¿ Identify data gaps and information requirements and design methodology and tools for data collection, with the support of the Hub staff (household questionnaire, information checklists, key informant interview questions, focus group discussion guidelines), debriefing format and analysis plan. ¿ Train other JAM team members on methodology and information/data to be collected; and ¿ Finalize the mission schedule plan and logistics arrangements (with the support of the WFP and UNHCR teams).

Phase 2: JAM data collection, analysis and reporting ¿ Quantitative assessment and qualitative assessment o Develop analysis plan with the support of CO team and the Hub o Develop the survey programming of the questionnaire in KOBO/ODK (TBC) with the support of the CO team and the Hub o Design and lead the training of the enumerators with CO team and the Hub o Responsible for coordinating with the CO team to ensure the logistics preparation for the assessment in place o Lead and conduct the primary data collection, including the pilot survey in the field in collaboration with UNHCR and WFP staff, and Hub staff. o Responsible for finalizing the data collection tools (both word document and survey programming) factoring in the feedback from the training and pilot survey o Responsible for conducting daily data quality check during filed data collection with the support of the Hub ¿ Analysis and Reporting o Consolidate a final harmonized dataset to be used for data analysis. o Lead and conduct analysis of major findings (quantitative and qualitative) with the collaboration of the Hub and CO colleagues. o Provide recommendations for Joint Plan of Action (JPA) Nigerian refugees in collaboration with CO teams, RB staff and Hub team. o Facilitate a debriefing workshop at Yaoundé level for WFP and UNHCR Senior Management, to i) present major findings and recommendations ¿ a PowerPoint presentation will be produced, ii) elaborate a UNHCR/WFP Joint Plan of Action (for Nigerian refugees). o Draft and circulate the report to be submitted to WFP and UNHCR management teams before the end of the mission in electronic version, with the support of Hub staff. o Incorporate received comments from WFP and UNHCR and finalize the report. o Produce a report of major findings and recommendations. o Facilitate the Joint Plan of Action (JPA) workshop and write the JPA for senior management approval. o Contribute to ongoing conversations on targeting, in collaboration with the CO team and the Hub. o Document the lessons learnt and good practices of the assessment in collaboration with the CO team and the Hub o Develop a metadata and repository of all secondary data and primary data assessment reports.

Position Competencies Required level, qualifications, and work experience: Level of responsibilities required (mark as appropriate) for individual contractors and fellows: 0 Entry Level Support 0 Mid-Level Support 0 Senior Level Support 0 Local Professional Level ¿ NOB or NOC 0 Junior Level Professional 0 Senior Level Professional OR 1 The assignment is for an Individual Consultant at NOC level Qualification and experience required (degree required, years of work experience, field of expertise, language required): Education: ¿ Advanced University degree in international affairs, nutrition/health, agriculture, social sciences, economics, statistics, or related field to international development assistance. Experience: ¿ At least 7 years¿ experience in conducting food security, nutrition and vulnerability assessments, assessment methodologies and tools for humanitarian or development assistance programming Knowledge & Skills: ¿ Working experience in refugee / displacement settings ¿ Experience coordinating data collection in development settings ¿ Experience in food security and essential needs analysis ¿ Strong experience in quantitative and qualitative research methods and data analysis on food security and vulnerability assessments ¿ Ability to lead planning activities and coordinate tasks with different stakeholders ¿ Strong personal communication skills and ability to structure and conduct interviews and focus group discussions. ¿ Strong communication skills in English and French (proven ability to write reports, present assessment findings and to communicate effectively) ¿ Demonstrated ability to work independently but interacting with a large team with members of both WFP and UNHCR, both remotely and in-office ¿ Availability to conduct frequent field visits ¿ Demonstrated skills and experience in survey programming and data quality protocols ¿ Experience with targeting in the context of social protection systems/safety net an advantage Competencies: Cognitive Capacity, Teamwork, Action Management, Innovation, Partnering, Client Orientation, Command of Statistical Software for Data Analysis Language Requirements Languages: ¿ Strong written and oral English skills (proficiency/level C) ¿ Working knowledge in French is required Additional Information Monitoring and Progress Controls (report requirements, periodicity, format, deadlines): a. The final product (e.g. survey completed, data collected, workshop conducted, research documents produced specify): At the end of the JAM exercise, the consultant is expected to provide the following deliverables: o Timeline for JAM developed and agreed with country offices and other stakeholders. o Data collection tools developed and agreed between both country offices. o Data collection for household assessment is completed on time and datafile shared with COs, RB and Hub team for coordinated analysis. o Data analysis of collected data is overseen and data analysis results shared in a timely and easy-to-use manner. o In-country analytical capacity is strengthened. o Results are shared and discussed among partners. o Report on assessment results and joint analysis completed and shared with all stakeholders. Phase 1 o Report summarizing key findings of the preparatory work review o Annexes with key data tables o List of references/data sources o List of key data gaps o Checklist for focus group discussions (to be done during the second phase) Phase 2 o Report summarizing key findings from household data, key informant interviews, spot checks and focus group discussions as well as recommendations based on a joint response analysis (covering all thematic areas above and potentially involving key stakeholders operating in the refugee response) o Development of the overall JAM final report o Joint Plan of Action in line including roles and responsibilities and timeline that will be reviewed on a regular basis as agreed between the two agencies b. Work on the basis of time employed: Yes 0 No 0 c. If it is to result in a written product specify: a. Number of pages: TBD with UNHCR and WFP CMR b. Language(s): English c. Number of copies: TBD with UNHCR and WFP CMR ======================================================================================================== See below for this postion's Operational Context ======================================================================================================== Additional Information Please note that UNHCR does not charge a fee at any stage of its recruitment process (application, interview, meeting, travelling, processing, training or any other fees). Operational context General Background of Project or Assignment: In line with global commitments, agreements, strategies and principles on increased interagency collaboration, UNHCR and WFP have created a Joint Programme Excellence and Targeting Hub (the Hub) . The established framework for collaboration provides a strong basis for the two agencies to provide strategic and operational support at country-level, with the objective of improving outcomes for refugees. This will be achieved through a new way of working, ensuring effective use of limited resources by targeting the right people with the right assistance, including support towards longer-term self-reliance. Cameroon has requested support from the Hub to develop and implement a joint targeting plan for Nigerian refugees. Due to unavailability of updated and/or reliable data sources on this refugee population, the Cameroon country offices (COs) requested support in coordinating the planning and execution of a Joint Assessment Mission (JAM) to assess the access to basic needs and nutrition security needs of the Nigerian refugees in Minawao camp and selected out of camp locations, and provide recommendations for the Joint Plan of Action (JPA) for Nigerian refugees. Due to limited capacity on the ground and to support the Cameroon WFP and UNHCR offices, a JAM Coordinator is being locally recruited to coordinate the development and execution of the JAM exercise and data analysis, which will provide insights on refugees¿ vulnerability and inform on the need of a joint targeting strategy to provide assistance based on vulnerability status. The Consultant will consult and collaborate closely with UNHCR and WFP Cameroon, Regional Bureau and Joint Hub teams. The Consultant will be based in Maroua, Cameroon, with travel to Yaoundé for consultations with capital-based stakeholders, under the overall supervision of the Head of Office, UNHCR Sub Office Maroua. The overall objective of the JAM for Nigerian refugees is to collect up-to-date information on refugee food, nutrition and livelihoods situation and related programming and provide strategic directions for joint programming to enhance Nigerian refugees¿ capacities to meet their basic needs, strengthen their livelihoods and ultimately increase their self-reliance, ensuring COVID-impacts are factored and protection considerations (including gender) are prioritized. Additional objective of the JAM is to collect high-quality data on vulnerability dimensions that will inform decisions on the appropriateness of a targeting and prioritization approach in the context of Nigerian refugees, as well as the targeting methodology. Occupational Safety and Health Considerations To view occupational safety and health considerations for specific duty stations, please visit this link: Specific Occupational Safety and Health Considerations to this assignment (if applicable): The Consultant will be required to follow applicable UNHCR / UN health (including COVID-related) and security requirements in force in assignment location(s). Duration of Appointment This appointment is for 6-months

Closing Date The closing date for submission of applications is 28 April 2021

All applications must be submitted ONLINE at :

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