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Action Against Hunger – Cameroon

Actions Against Hunger is an International Non Governmental Organiztion (NGO), apolitical, non denominated and non-profit. For our operations in Cameroon, we are looking for:


Base:                                          Buea (south west region)
Number of positions :     5
Contract duration:    10 Months
start date:    1st of March 2022
supervised by:     Base Logistician
Location :                                     Kumba

Objective 1 : Ensure people’s security:
Activities :
-    Screen persons authorised to enter the premises and guide them to reception, within the authorised hours (visiting, opening, etc.); prevent the entry of anyone who does not have a valid reason to enter or contact the administration team for authorisation.
-    Prevent the entry of anyone carrying a weapon, in accordance with the principles of Action Against Hunger
-    Filter casual workers authorised by the administration team to work on the AAH site; refer to the list drawn up by the administration team to refuse access to casual workers not needed.

Objective 2 : Ensure security of premises and property:
-    Ensure the security of the premises and property to be protected:
-    Keep watch over the entire designated area and carry out regular patrols;
-    Keep watch over the perimeter fence of the AAH facility;
-    If guarding a door or gate, remain close to it;
-    Know the location of extinguishers and how to use them;
-    Ask the line manager for permission to leave the assigned position during the shift.
-    Neutralise intruders/thieves, without mistreatment, and immediately contact the line manager.
-    Ensure the security of vehicles on the premises, direct them in and out, and ensure that vehicle windows are closed in the event of rain.
-    Inform the line manager of the arrival of any materials before unloading.
-    Check that the doors and windows in the various buildings are locked and that internal lights are switched off at night during handover and when the occupants or staff leave the premises.
-    Check that security lights are working properly and inform the line manager of any problems. Ensure that the guards’ torch is working properly, return used batteries and keep the necessary supply of spare batteries.
-    Refill kerosene lamps.
-    Do not enter premises to which access has not been previously authorised.
-    Hand over correctly at each change of shift.

Objective 3 : Contribute towards collecting information on the security situation and reporting
-    Transmit all information on the security situation;
-    Inform the line manager in the event of absence (before the start of the shift) so that arrangements can be made to find a substitute. Guards may not swap shifts without the prior agreement of the line manager.
-    In the event of an incident, inform the line manager and/or technical adviser.
-    Ensure that the line manager is informed of any problems that might be linked to the security of the perimeter and/or buildings.

Objective 4 : Upkeep

-    Look after the equipment provided and inform the line manager of any loss or damage.
-    Shut down generator and start generators at specified times and record starting hours and stopping hours on follow up sheet.
-    Responsible for filling water tank, ensuring it is never empty, switching on water pump and checking the level in the ground tank
-    Responsible for checking fuel levels before starting the generator and ensure fuel is run through the yellow filter before putting into tank

-    Assist with the loading and unloading of goods/materials, if necessary.
-    Help AAH staff carry heavy items, if necessary.
When there is no running water, ensure a supply of water to the site, in collaboration with the line manager.
-Primary Education
-Atleast 1 year experience
-Previous work as security guard in an INGO will be an added advantage.
-Should be able to read and write – Good physical condition – Rigour – Integrity – Capacity to display judgement – Observation capacity – Self-control - Flexibility, resourcefulness, ability to work in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment, open-mindedness, good communication skills

Commit to respect and apply AAH’'s gender policy.
-Mainstream gender approach in all activities
- Contribute to a working environment that takes into account each other's specificities and avoids discrimination.

Our recruitment procedure has 3 key steps :
1.    A pre-selection on the basis of the files submitted (only canidates whose skills and experience matches with the profile are selected for the test) ;
2.    Oral Interview

For each step, only selected candidates are contacted.
Applications (including a  CV, a letter of  motivation, and  references) must be submitted ONLY  by  email at, indicating the title of the position and reference.
BU-HR-012022-02  in subject of the mail by the 26th of January 2021.

Due to emergency, applications will be considered on a rolling basis.
At the  attention of: Head of Human resources department, Action Against Hunger Cameroon
Only selected candidates will be selected for tests and interview.

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