Job Opportunities : Regional Manager (Male or Female) for Zone III (North West and West Regions)

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Siège Social Agence du Nord - Ouest

BP.: 14025 Yaoundé ACMS HP.: 863 Bamenda
Tél.: (237) 222 209 224 Tél.: (237) 233 362 079

Association Camerounaise pour le Marketing Social

Tél-: (237) 222 219 419 le Marketing Social - (ACMS)
Agence du Littoral Agence du Nord
BP: 4989 Douala B.P.z 858 Garoua
Tél.: (237) 233 411 112 Tél.: (237) 222 272 002



Context and rationale:
The Cameroon Association for Social Marketing (ACMS) is seeking, for service purposes, a Regional
Manager (Male or Female) for Zone III (North West and West Regions) based in Bamenda.
As such, he is responsible for managing, controlling and motivating his team while sharing his know-
how in the area of sales.

Place of work: Bamenda
Type of contract: Contract of indefinite duration.
Date of start of employment: August 2017

Position level: Category 10F ofthe Tertiary sector ll of the Collective National Convention of the
Trade Union.

Job Description:

Under the supervision of the Executive Director, the Area I“ Regional Manager shall perform the
following functions in his/her area of competence

R1. Leadership:

1. Contribute to the creation and sharing of knowledge by synthesizing and documenting results,
lessons learned, successes and best practices, strategies and approaches;

management tools and their effective and continuous follow-up;
3. Develop and maintain constructive, results-oriented working relationships with all stakeholders;

4. Coach the team and get them to adhere to the organizational objectives (Customer Charter, Code
of Conduct)

WK NIU : M089600013745A ‘39 fig

5. Contribute to the development of ACMS‘s strategic plan and its dissemination to employees in its
area of competence;
6. Contribute to the development of the marketing plan and ensure its effective implementation in
its area of competence;
7. Act as technical advisor to the Executive Management;
8. Representing the Executive Directorate during the activities of ACMS to enhance the visibility of
the Association in its area
9. Evaluate and identify the need for upgrading of regional staff
10. Conduct an annual assessment of all staff (permanent and contractual) under their supervision;
11. Ensure primary responsibility for all projects and programs underway in the region.

12. Set up and monitor the sponsorship management system

R 2. Supervision of distribution activities:
1. implement the CASM business strategy
2. Analyze the feedback from the field ofthe sales force in order to identify market developments
and the positioning of ACMS.
3. Identify commercial targets relevant to the sales force and define individual and / or collective
4. Lead and animate the sales force: support of sales representatives in the field, regular advice on
the commercial approach and messages to be sent to customers
5. Ensure proper sizing of sales teams
6. Hold a monthly follow-up meeting with field staff
7. Monitor the individual and collective results of the field staff under his / her supervision, and
validate the achievement of the objectives

R3. Monitoring and management of inventories and supplies

1. Ensure real—time supply planning in accordance with the needs of ACMS programs while
minimizing the risk of stock-outs;

2. Monitoring integrated consumption forecasting on the supply chain;
4. Monitor the management of ACMS stockpiles;

5. Ensure that each product's inventory level is checked and create recommended items as required.

R4. Program planning and management

1. Supervise the planning, implementation and evaluation of ACMS programs and services in its area;
2. Establish an operational plan incorporating goals and objectives that support the achievement of
ACMS's strategic direction;
3. Ensure the production and making available to the hierarchy of the monthly and annual reports of
activities in his region.

R5. Human Resources Planning and Management

1. Establish the Association's staffing requirements with a view to managing and delivering programs
in its area;
2. Oversee the implementation of human resource management policies, procedures and practices,
including the production ofjob descriptions for each employee in his or her area;
3. Provide coaching and mentoring to employees as required to improve their performance;
4. Evaluate the capacity building needs of the employees and submit them to the hierarchy.

R6. Financial planning and management
1. Participate, where appropriate, in the development of Zone | budgets;
2. Administer ACMS funds from its area in fight of the approved budget and monitor monthly cash
flows in its area;

R7. Ensure the interface between the partners and ACMS (Public Relations)

1. Establish good working relationships and collaborative arrangements with community groups,
funding agencies and other organizations to facilitate the achievement of ACMS goals;

R8. Risk management and safety and security

1. Identify and assess the risks specific to the region, whether it concerns its partners, collaborators,
ACMS assets, finances or reputation, and take steps to control these risks;

2. Ensure regular reporting on safety and security in its area

R9: Managing the fleet

1. Plan the use of vehicles, research and provision of vehicles, taking into account the needs
expressed by the services;

2. Manage driver schedules

3. Collect and transmit all complaints and incidents related to the operation of vehicles made

4. Alert on preventive maintenance periods, technical visits;
5. Control fuel consumption at KM, and monitor other costs related to vehicle operation;

6. To inform on all forms of waste / losses and to apply the improvement solutions transmitted to
him by his hierarchy.

7. Carry out all tasks contributing to the smooth running of the office, entrusted to him by the

Skills, qualifications and professional experience required
- Be of Cameroonian nationality;

- Hold a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business Management, Communication, Management or
any other field related to equivalent recognized development;

- For internal candidates: Have at least two (2) years of professional experience within ACMS

- For external candidates: At least 7 to 10 years of experience including at least 2 to 3 years in a team
management and / or office management position

0 Strong analytical capacity and technical problem-solving skills;
. Be able to work quickly under pressure in order to meet deadlines;
- Be able to build synergies in the structure; Proactive;

. Ability to provide structured suggestions, and to be able to work in a team as well as in a
transversai way with the other services;

- Have a perfect command ofthe software (Word, Excel, power point);

- To speak the English language perfectly and to have a sufficient command of the French language;
Other conditions

- Good public relations skills;

0 Have a high sense of honesty/ integrity, and demonstrate a commitment and ability to work in
harmony with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures;

- Demonstrate competence in human relations management, communication and development;
- Analytical and strategic thinking skills, and results—based management capacity;

. Have a structured mind and a good ability to speak and write;

- Have a willingness to work under pressure and be challenged.

Application form
1) A letter of motivation;
2) A detailed curriculum vitae (CV) according to the form available on the site: http: www.acms-;
3) Photocopies of diplomas required. A verification of the diplomas will be carried out for the
successful candidate.
(4) A photocopy ofthe national identity card;
5) Documents justifying the candidate's experiences.

Where to deposit your application:
Applications should be deposited in sealed un marked envelope with the mention:
"Candidature for the position of Area Manager Area I“ at ACMS"

1. At ACMS headquarters in Yaounde located in the Mbalia ii district at Dragages. Tel: 222 20 92 24
2. At the Regional Office in Garoua located in the Marouare' quarter behind the great mosque of
Poumpouré, Tel: 222 -27 -20 -02
3. At the Maroua office located in the DOUGGOi—Maroua district Tel: 693 22 62 06/691 70 49 33
4. At the Ngaoundéré office located in the Administrative district Tel: 690 12 46 66/693 22 75 56
5. At the Regional Office in Douala located in the Ndogbati neighborhood (Ca rrefour Agip) next to
Maison du cycle Tel: 233 ‘41 «ll -12
6. At the Regional Office in Bamenda: COW STREET -NKWEN Tel: 233—36—20—79

NB: Deadline for the admissibility of applications: June 30"“, 2017

Female and male candidates are strongly encouraged to apply and only shortlisted candidates will be
ACMS reserves the right to recruit at a lower level or on the basis of a modified job profile.

Done at Yaounde, 14 June 2017

The Executive Director
Godlove Ntaw.

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