Avis de recrutement : Consultants nationaux en systèmes de récupération des Eaux de pluie

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TDRS Pour le recrutement d'une équipe de deux consultants nationaux en systèmes de récupération des eaux de pluie

For the recruitment of a Team of Two
National Consultants in
Rain Water Harvesting Systems

The objective of the RWH component of the project is to promote the sustainable use of rain
water harvesting for WASH in a changing climate. The targeted area is the Far North region of
Cameroon in general and Mayo Tsanaga catchment in particular. Specifically, the consultant is
expected to undertake the following tasks:
1) Elaborate an inception report including preparation of assignment tools, developing
preliminary approach to the study, detail methodology for preparation of expected
deliverables, identification of data requirements, mode of data collection and outline of
the final deliverables;
2) Conduct a study on RWH in the Far-North Region of Cameroon with a focus on WASH. The
study should include the following:
Analyse the potential of RWH in enhancing water security in the Far North region of
Cameroon in general and Mayo Tsanaga catchment in particular;
• Identify and describe the various RWH systems used for WASH in the region both in
the household or community and at the institutional level (including schools, health
• Document some past initiatives to promote RWHs in the region in general and for
WASH in particular lessons learnt/challenges (including photos and design
parameters) - performance, technical constraints, costs, and benefits of rainwater
• Assess the suitability/appropriateness of various rainwater harvesting systems (in use
in the region or to be introduced) based on the socio-economic context, current and
future impacts due to climate variability and change, intended use and users
(considering communities, households, gender, and traditional knowledge);
• Identify the challenges and opportunities for scaling up RWH systems for WASH in the
3) Develop a draft guideline document on the selection, design, construction, operation &
maintenance, and upscaling of appropriate RWH systems for WASH in the Far North
region based on experience in the region and other relevant regions sharing similar
realities to be used to promote RWH technologies.
4) Facilitate a workshop to present findings from the assignment, particularly the draft study
report as well as the draft guidelines on RWH in the region, to key stakeholders in a bid to
enrich and adopt those findings.
5) Identify a school in the region in collaboration with the Regional Delegate of the Ministry
of Water and Energy (MINEE) for the Far North Region for the construction of a RWH
system for the provision of potable water year round.

Participation is open to individual or legal persons including institutions / consulting firms
working in the field and based in Cameroon. Tenders may be submitted in English or French.

6.1. Qualification and competence of the Expert
The ideal team for this assignment should comprise (a) an expert in water and natural
resources management, who should be a holder of at least an MSc. (BAC +5) degree in civil /
agricultural engineering, hydrology, or any other relevant discipline and (b) a specialist in
technology transfer who should be a holder of an MSc. (BAC +5) degree in rural sociology or
other relevant discipline. The team should have:
• More than 5 years of relevant experience in water and natural resources management
with at least one year of experience related to rain water harvesting.
• Demonstrated knowledge of climate change, and especially with climate variability and
climate change adaptation.
• At least two years of experience working on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
• At least two years of experience working on the adoption and diffusion of appropriate
• Demonstrate experience in design and construction of WASH infrastructure;

Worked on similar assignments in the past;
Working experience as a consultant with international organisation;
Excellent writing and oral presentation skills in French or English and good knowledge of
the other language is required.
Experience working in the Far North Region of Cameroon will be an added advantage.
6.2. Submission of offers
The application file will consist of the following documents:
• a technical offer and;
• a financial offer.
The technical offer will include:
• General references of the Consultant, and his/her specific references related to the
• Understanding of the Terms of Reference;
• Presentation of the methodology and strategy for the realization of the mission (the
study approach should be based on a thorough review of literature available in the
form of published papers; reports; dissertations, annual reports as well as
unpublished/grey reports. This will be complemented during the study with field visits
to discuss with key stakeholders and personal observations on the ground).;
• Curricula Vitae (CV);
• Schedule of activities (work chart).
The financial offer related to the performance of the mission will be limited to the evaluated
consultancy fees.
The applicant should consider that all expenses related to travel; participation in workshops,
etc. will be covered by GWP Cameroon according to its travel policy, and should not be part of
the financial offer.

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Les offres doivent parvenir au bureau de GWP Cameroun au plus tard le lundi 22 janvier 2018 à 7 heures, heure locale. Aucune soumission ne sera reçue après la date limite. Toutes les demandes d'informations complémentaires doivent être faites par email à l'adresse suivante: elouganoelle@yahoo.fr

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