Competitive examination 2016 to recruit 250 Technical Grade One Teachers, Public Service

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Section one: a) A Special competitive examination to recruit 250 (two hundred and fifty) Technical Grade One Teachers of the first grade of the « B » Category of the Public Service has been announced.

b) The said examination shall take place on the 11th of December in Yaounde, the lone examination centre.

Section 2: This competitive examination is open for Technical Grade One Contract Teachers holders of the Technical Teacher’s Grade One Certificate (CAPIET), who are at most 50 years as at 1St January 2016 (be born between 01/01/1966 and 01/01/1999) :
and have served for at least 05 (five) years as of the date of the examination.

Candidate’s complete application files shall be submitted, against a receipt, at
the Ministiy of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Department of State
Human Resources Development, In—service Competitive Examinations Service (4th
floor, Rooms 409 and 405) or in all Regional Delegations of the Public Service and
Administrative Reform, latest Friday 18 November 2016. The files shall comprise the
following documents:

1. A registration form bearing a CFA 1000 (one thousand) francs fiscal stamp,
The forms can be obtained from the Ministry of the Public Service and
Administrative Reform or at all Regional Delegations of the Public Service or
downloaded at the following address: http// ;
2. A certified true copy of birth certificate signed by a competent civil authority;
3. A certificate of non—conviction, not more than three months old;
4. A certified true copy of the required certificate signed by a com I authority;
5. An attestation a competent civil authority;
6. A medical certificate issued by a public sector Medical Officer,
7. A receipt attesting payment of a registration fee of CFA 20 000 . thousand) francs issued by either the Service Head for In
Competitive Examinations at the Ministry or the Head of the Kjé’
and Training Service at the Regional Delegations of the Ministry 0
Service and Administrative Reform; L
8. A certified true copy of the recruitment ins
9. 2 (two) passport—size photographs;
10. An envelope bearing a 500 francs 5
tion of presentation of original of the required certificate si

NE; a) All incomplete or late files or files containing documents Signed by the Police shall be rejected.
on of career instruments shall be do
dministrative Reform.

b) The certificati ne by the Ministry of the Public Service and A

1. The syllabuses for these year three of Governmen 2. The written and oral parts of the exa
examinations are those applicable for candidates in y "
t Technical Teachers’ Training Colleges;
mination shall be scheduled as follows:
a. Written part
General Knowled
11 December 2016

- Candidates are reminded that the latest time to 7:00 a.m. prompt.
b. Oral part Only for candidates who

Reform shall announce the j and Administrative
5 release.

- The Minister of the Public Service
the examination through a pres

date and timetable for the oral part of
6: (ms shall be published through the competitive examinati _
Administrative Reform.

Minister Of the Public Service and
wherever necessary./— ‘.

The final results of instrument signed by the MILE: This Order shall be registered and published
Public Service

The Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform