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WWF is looking for a Consultant as part of the ‘Impact Programme for the Integrated
Management of Forest Landscapes in the Congo- Cameroon Basin’

with a view to
developing and implementing a participatory system for monitoring the results and
impacts of NTFP enterprise development efforts.


Want to make a positive difference to the future of people and our one shared home the
Earth? Working with WWF could be the opportunity of a lifetime:
All around the world, people are waking up to the deepening crisis of nature loss. A growing
realization that nature is our life-support system. Nobody will be spared from the impacts of its
loss. Here at WWF, we are helping to tackle this enormous global challenge.
Our people come from hugely diverse backgrounds and with a variety of expertise, ranging
from HR and finance to advocacy and conservation science. We welcome applications from
anyone who believes they can help us create a better future for people and wildlife.

What we do:
We are an independent conservation organization, striving to sustain the natural world for the
benefit of people and wildlife. From individuals and communities to businesses and
government, we are part of a growing coalition calling on world leaders to set nature on the
path to recovery by 2030. Together, we seek to protect and restore natural habitats, stop the
mass extinction of wildlife, and make the way we produce and consume sustainably.
We are looking for a Consultant as part of the Impact Programme for the Integrated
Management of Forest Landscapes in the Congo Basin – Cameroon segement’ with a view to
developing and implementing a participatory system for monitoring the results and impacts of
NTFP enterprise development efforts, particularly in terms of benefits, changes in attitudes and
behavior, reduction of threats and improved biodiversity conservation in the CAMPO, TNS and
TRIDOM landscapes.
I. Context and justification
The project entitled ‘‘Impact Programme for the Integrated Management of Forest Landscapes
in the Congo Basin – Cameroon segement’’, commonly known as GEF 7 Project, aims to
strengthen the integrated management of Cameroon's globally important forest landscapes in
the Congo Basin in order to guarantee its biological integrity and increase economic
opportunities and livelihoods for forest-dependent populations. Over a six-year period, the
project will address the main barriers and drivers of deforestation, forest degradation and
biodiversity loss through an inclusive and integrated approach that aims to achieve and
maintain the effective participation and empowerment of indigenous peoples and local
communities (PACL) and local communities (PACL) and builds their resilience. The project is
being implemented across the Cameroon segments of three transboundary landscapes: (i) the
Campo Ma'an-Rio Campo landscape (769,446 ha), particularly around the Campo Ma'an
National Park; (ii) the Tri-National Dja-Odzala-Minkebe (TRIDOM) landscape (4,949,174 ha),
and (iii) the Tri-National de la Sangha (TNS) landscape (1,490,552 ha), particularly in and
around the Lobéké National Park.
This will be achieved through 05 components, including component 3 which is: ‘Advancing
sustainable forest management (SFM) through non-timber forest product (NTFP) and timber
value chains’. In order to provide a quality analysis of the development of NTFPs, it is important
to have a monitoring and evaluation tool to track results and assess the impact of the
development of value chains on the well-being of populations and on the sustainable
management of forests.
II. Purpose of the consultation
1. Main objective
Develop and make operational a participatory monitoring and evaluation system to regularly
monitor the results and impacts of NTFP enterprise development efforts in target communities
and to inform the project's adaptation strategies.
2. Specific objectives
 1 participatory impact monitoring and evaluation system is available in the 3 landscapes by
December 2024,
 100% of the NTFP enterprises and associations in the communes where the project is being
implemented are involved in the process of developing the participatory monitoring and
evaluation system,
 The people interviewed recognise the positive socio-economic impact of NTFPs in their daily
III. Methodological approach
After publishing the offer, candidates will submit a technical and financial proposal. The
technical proposal will include the approach for carrying out the service. In its proposal, the
consultant will also describe the approach it will use to ensure the operationalisation of the tool
and the participation of stakeholders in general, and of indigenous peoples and women in
particular. The implementation approach therefore comprises two parts : the theoretical part,
which will consist of developing the participatory monitoring and evaluation system, and the
practical part, which will consist of training stakeholders in the use of the system.
IV. Duration and timetable
The duration of the service shall be at the Consultant's discretion but shall not exceed three
(03) months until August 2024.
V. Delivrables
VI. Consultant profile
 Minimum 5 years' higher education in social sciences/environmental sciences,
Delivrables Deadline
1. 1 Validation of monitoring and impact indicators and the questionnaire 2 weeks after contract
2. 2 Presentation of the preliminary data analysis report to PMU and the
provisional version of the system
18 -19 July 2024
3. 3 Presentation of results and adoption of the monitoring and evaluation
system in the TNS and TRIDOM landscapes
28 July – 09 August 2024
4. 4 Training stakeholders to use the system 12-16 August 2024
5. 5 Consultant final report 20 – 30 August 2024 Have worked in the project's areas of intervention (CAMPO, TNS, TRIDOM) and have
extensive experience (5 years or more) in forest resource management,
 Good interpersonal skills with village communities.
VII. Annex
 The technical proposal has following elements :
- Cover letter: brief description (one page maximum) of why you consider yourself to be the
most suitable Consultant for this assignment;
- Curriculum vitae of no more than 04 pages (including references) outlining experience and
references for similar services ;
- Description of the approach that will be used to ensure the development and operation of the
system in accordance with the objectives described above ;
- Timetable for carrying out the service.
 Financial proposal
Offer evaluation criteria
How to apply
Interested candidates should send their complete applications in english or french by e-mail
Please indicate in the subject line, « Consultant_composante 3_ GEF 7 project ».
Thank you in advance for your interest in this position. Only candidates meeting the required
criteria will be contacted. If you are not contacted two (02) weeks after the closing date, your
application will be considered as not having been accepted.
Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
Applications deadline : 05 June 2024.
Eligible proposals will be evaluated on the basis of full and open competition, in strict competition,
in strict compliance with the combined score method, where the proposed technical proposal will
be weighted at 60%, and combined with the price offer, which will be weighted at 40%.
Technical proposal 70 %
Cover letter 05 marks
Relevance of the CV 05 marks
Consistency between the objectives and the description of the method
for carrying out the service
55 marks
Timetable for carrying out the service 05 marks
Financial proposal 30 %
Budget 30

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